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Auditions for our 2014-2015 Season...
All auditions begin at 7:30pm, unless otherwise noted.  Please bring an audition photo and résumé.  No appointment is required.  Auditioners will be asked to do cold readings from the script, unless otherwise noted.  Perusal scripts for all shows are available at the Clague Playhouse Box Office for a $10 deposit. 

An Entertainment—The Amazing Adventures of Louis de Rougemont (as Told by Himself)
by Donald Margulies
Director - Tyson Douglas Rand
Auditions: Tues., Feb. 3 & Wed., Feb. 4, 2015 from 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Performances: May 1 -24, 2015   Thurs., Fri., & Sat. at 8pm, Sun. at 2pm
This is a piece of theater about theater. A primer or refresher course in the ancient art of storytelling as well as story listening - and this story is a WHOPPER! Based on a real man who told a not so real story thus captivating and entertaining people so very well that even after he was exposed as a fraud he continued to tell the stories as if they had been true and derived a rather meager living from the talent for the remainder of his life.
Our story takes place in the late 1800’s on the bare stage of an old Music Hall somewhere in England. Louis De Rougemont and some associates have gained permission to use the stage for one performance to tell their tale in hopes of earning enough for dinner and lodging for the night. Such is life with a traveling show - an adventure of its own. As the locale will be a Music Hall, we will be placing an emphasis on using bits of music throughout the piece to enhance the entertainment factor and encourage the audience to become a late 19th century music hall audience. The Cast should all have some basic musical skill as all will be helping with singing and playing live music throughout.
We are casting for three scripted roles as follows:
Louis De Rougemont - A proud and ancient man who is clearly beaten but also suddenly filled with astounding energy, enthusiasm and agility as he manifests this rousing story. He must carry the audience to strange worlds, real & imagined. He plays himself at every age from infant to his current state of antiquity. He must be both haggard and ageless.
The other two roles play multiple characters with the change of a hat or scarf. They must be energetic, able to generate many voices and movement styles & convey a sense of undying loyalty to this odd, old fellow they have chosen to follow as they are clearly not doing this for the fame or financial gain.
Player #1 - (originally scripted to be a woman of color), will portray the following: Louis’ Mother, a Ship Captain, Yamba an Aborigine Princess who becomes Louis’ wife, a Magazine Editor, a Society Lady, Albert’s Mother, an Octopus Expert, a Map Maker, a Reporter and a Librarian.
Player #2 - (traditionally cast as a younger man), will portray this list of characters:
A Barkeep, Bruno the dog, Gunda - Yamba’s father & the tribal Chief, Bobo her brother, an Australian Prospector, a Society Lady, Albert - a boy, Queen Victoria, a Turtle Expert, a Wombat Expert, Dr; Leopold - an Alienist, a Pickpocket, a Newsboy, a Reporter and a Lawyer.
ALSO - we’ll be looking for an un-scripted character with no specific lines that can play piano with more gusto than accuracy. Actor can be any gender or age but will be portraying a matronly church organist.
Monologues not to exceed 2 minutes that showcase the auditionees’ skills with movement, storytelling and multiple voice work will be welcomed. A current headshot and resume would also be appreciated - but none of these are required.
PLEASE Bring all know and potential conflicts to proposed rehearsal and production dates with you to auditions. Call backs, if necessary, will be on Monday, Feb. 9th.
1st Read will be on the following Monday, Feb.16th giving cast a full three weeks with scripts before starting read throughs and table work on Monday, Tuesday Wednesdays march 9th through 25th. Given the radically collaborative, nearly “devised” nature of this piece, the sooner actors are off book the more freedom they will have to explore the movement and find ways to use props and set pieces that will be comprised of found objects from “back stage.”
Full rehearsals in the playing space will begin March 30th and run through April 29th. Count on at least four nights weekly, with days and times depending on cast conflicts.